Unit 6 p2 helpsheet

Environment This is what you will be create the software for. You will need specific hardware depending on Unit 6 p2 helpsheet the program is for example mobile games will require a mobile devices mainly smart phones will allow latest games to be played.

Expandability You will need to expand the company in-order to keep up with the latest technology. You will be more confident to do the task if you have other that can help because you can cut cost and not worry about issues such as training staff etc.

Certain programming languages will and can take longer to complete depending on the software being created, the more important the software is for such as for a power plant you will need a more complex programming languages to make it more secure so less errors will occur which for a power plant can be very dangerous.

Then you will also be required to maintain the program when it is is use because technology is always being updated so if they want the software updated then they come to you for you to update it.

When in development you will need to make sure you have enough budget to cover recruitment of staff and then being able to purchase hardware and software needed to complete the assignment. So the programming language for the program when new technology is released that software will need to expanded so the company that has it has been created for can keep up to date.

Availability Of Trained Staff When and if you have trained staff available then this can make creating software much easier because you will have staff available that will already know the programming language that you will be using to create particular software.

Organisational Policy When working for a certain company there will be a policy a organisational policy that you will only be able to use certain hardware and software.

These languages are some of the languages that you can only use because it can be required in a organisation that you should only use windows software and certain hardware e.

This can also be linked with the people you will work with you must be able to rely on staff that will be given a task that you will rely that they are able to do it and on time so you must be able to trust in the people around you. Development and Maintenance Cost The development and Maintenance cost for creating a piece of software is the budget that will be available for development and then you will need to maintain the program as well.

If software was unreliable the chances are that it would not be used because when something is unreliable then it can mean errors occur not able to do something that it should be able to do etc.  BTEC Level 2 - template - assignment 1.

Assignment - part 2.

template - assignment 2. help sheet - merit tasks. Unit 2 - Business resources. Managing resources. Unit 6: P2 - Describe the factors influencing the choice of programming language Write a brief report/blog post which outlines the key factors which would influence a developer when choosing which language to create a particular software solution.

Unit 13 – Recruitment M1, d1 Helpsheet Criteria M1 - Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a given organisation D1 - Evaluate the usefulness of the documents in the interview pack for a given organisation, in facilitating the interview process M1 – What you need to do: 1.

Write. P2 Unit 2 Business any part of the business.


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Unit 6 p2 helpsheet
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