Unit 2 learning aim c part

This needs to be set up right so that your footage is correct and in the same format as it was filmed. Audio effects and music — these were sourced as part of Learning Aim 2. It is worth noting that all footage for this unit will be captured on SD on the camera, these will be deleted after use so this will be the only folder that is the master for your project.

You will need to gain feedback to inform you final edit, this can include opinions from fellow peers but MUST include feedback from teacher.

Learners will study the rules and regulations, and will observe officials in action. Task 2 House Keeping in Premiere Pro You will need to organise Premiere Pro so that it saves and directs all your work back into the folder you have created in Movies again this makes sure we always know where all your video material and project files are.

Running time — needs to be two minutes. The image above high lights the layout of Premiere Pro and what each windows function is. The second window that opens is the project format. P6 — Apply music and effects appropriately to a fiction film production within the codes and conventions of a genre.

Unit 2 learning aim c part aim of this unit is to develop learner knowledge of the rules, skills and techniques for one team and one individual sport. You will be marked for the below criteria in your edit. Learners will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, with a focus on developing and improving their own practical sports performance in at least one team and one individual sport.

Continuity — evidence of matching action and cutting appropriately. You will need to use the settings shown in the image and location needs to be directed to your folder, name your project the same as your title. D3 — Use post-production techniques confidently to create a final production that is creative within the codes and conventions of a genre.

The instructions below are not part of the house keeping you need to evidence but just instructions on the interface for Premiere Pro.

Unit 2 Practical Sports Performance

Learning Aim 3 Apply post-production techniques to a fictional film utilising codes and conventions of a specified genre To complete this task you will all edit your horror opening in Adobe Premiere Pro.

This is where when you create your edit project you will import the video from, this keeps all your video files organised and prevents accidental loss of footage. Final Cut Upload your final video to the blog via Youtube. The image above high lights the tool bar and what each tool controls on the timeline.

The key points in the edit. You will need to upload to Youtube and embed to your blog, make sure to identify as the Offline Edit. As they focus on helping younger children, learners will also improve their own knowledge and understanding of the sports covered.

You will need to show that you are organising all of your footage and maintaining an effective work flow, this will be graded so evidence must be included.

This will also make sure that none of your footage is misplaced or lost. Why do we study Unit 2 at BTG? Grading Criteria P5 — Use editing techniques competently to create a fiction film production that complies with codes and conventions of a genre.

If possible, centres may also benefit from talks by sports analysis experts sports journalists or experts from professional sports clubswho could tell learners about the process of observation analysis.

Year 6 children at primary school often need to develop their knowledge of national curriculum sports prior to progressing on to Key Stage 3 at secondary school. M5 — Apply music and effects to enhance a fiction film with the codes and conventions of a genre. Create a folder in Movies and name it the name of the horror opening.

They will learn to reflect on their own performance and that of other sports performers. This includes the Assignment Briefs and Front Sheets. Talks by sports officials would be beneficial as they could discuss their responsibilities and the rules and regulations of their selected sport.

M4 — Use editing techniques effectively to create a narrative in a fiction film production within the codes and conventions of a genre. If you would like to access something you must click on it and it will take you to the correct document. Task 1 House Keeping on the Mac You will need to evidence that you have stored and organised all of your footage before you begin editing.

To do this you can take print screens to show where the footage is.

Offline Edit Context of the Task In production you would create a low resolution version of your edit which you would then using the timeline to create a full resolution version of the edit ready to be broadcast.Unit 8 (FULL) The Recruitment and Selection Process Learning Aim A, B, C (BTEC NEW SPECIFICATION) Full assignment briefs / Writing frames / Instructions to Students / Practicial Assessmment Instructions Assignments have been split into sm.

Sport BTEC Unit 2 ass 3 pt1. Sport BTEC Unit 2 ass 3 pt1 Create Practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports (touch rugby and dodge ball).Assignment 2 Learning Aim C: Be able to review sports performance. Unit 2: Practical Sports Performance Assignment 3:.

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Children’s Play, Learning and Development Units covered Unit 2: Play in Early Years Settings Learning aims covered Learning aim A: Understand the links between play and children’s development. Unit 2: Finance for Business Level: 1 and 2 Unit type: Core The final part of the unit explores the ways in which businesses measure success and identify areas for improvement.

You will understand how gross profit and net profit Learning aim C: Understand how businesses measure success and identify areas for. learning aim e: investigating the role and contribution of innovation and enterprise to business success.

Working with people with specific needs in the health and social care sector.

Unit 2 learning aim c part
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