The analysis of the effect of various hormone concentrations against seed germination

The statistical analyses were carried out using SAS 9. On the other hand, in this study in high concentration of heavy metal root hairs appeared browning that according to investigate of Punz and Sieghardt [18] is caused by suberin deposits.

Germination and seedling growth of corn Zea mays L. Twenty seeds were plated in the Petri dishes and moistened with 2. Introduction The urgent need to conserve the tropical rainforest cannot be overemphasized. Copyright Gale, Cengage Learning.

Each longitudinally dissected mature fresh fruit was peeled to collect their epicarp and mesocarp which were oven dried and ground seperately to powdery form for proximate and phyto chemical analysis. Indole acetic acid and NAA: Five hundred and thirteen healthy and uniformly growing seedlings were transplanted into small sized polythene bags filled with top soil.

Their high content in diets leads to poor palatability. Plant hormones are not nutrients, rather they are chemicals that in small amounts promote and influence the growth, and development of plant cells and tissues[12]. A study using failure time methods.

Before a meaningful regeneration of such plant species could be accomplished, such seeds must be pretreated to hasten germination and seedling establishment. Immediately after the seedlings were transferred to the open nursery, the following metric characteristics were taken: The hormones, GA3, IAA and NAA used at various concentrations,and ppm exerted the same effect on the percentage germination and seedling vigour of C.

Indole Acetic Acid IAA treated seeds had the highest rate of germination which agrees with the report that states that some concentrations of IAA enhanced seed germination in Alibzia lebbeck and Parkia biglobosa and to some extent in Prosopis africana and Senne siamea.

Cucurbits plants as L. The site has a sparse type of vegetation which varies from one area to another.

On the other hand, GA3 should be excluded in the pre-treatment procedure of T. Root growth in concentration of [micro]M of Pb, and [micro]M of Cd was non-existent and some when limited only to the formation of rudimentary buds and root hairs appeared browning fig.

Recent studies have shown that saponins possess haemolytic and induced cytotoxicity effect 17anti-tumor and anti-mutagenic properties and can reduce the risk of cancer by preventing the growth of the cancer cells For example Matricaria chamomilla is an important medicinal plant which is tolerant to Cd and Pb [13,4].

Journal of Hazardous Materials. Many of these have been domesticated and grown as vegetables forming basic ingredients for human diet 1. Effects of plant hormones on seed germination with reference to proteomic and molecular biology studies.

Fresenius Environmental Bulleting, Influence of Pb on seed germination and seedling growth of M.This study revealed the phytochemical contents and the effects of hormones on the germination of seeds including the vitality of the seed produced.

L. breviflora seeds treated with different concentrations of GA3 (, and Effects of Phytohormone on Seed Germination, Seedling Vigour and the Phytochemical. Seed germination is controlled by a number of mechanisms and is necessary for the growth and development of the embryo, resulting in the eventual production of a.

In this study, in order to reveal the effect of soaking seeds using the plant hormones (IAA, GA3, 6-BA) or polyethylene glycol (PEG) on plant response to drought stress, different soaking seeds germination and seedlings growth under drought stress were analyzed.

stratification during the stages of seed germination.

Therefore, this study carried out between seeds of Marcona, Rabie, Supernova, Perlis, D99, K domesticated almond varieties to evaluate their hormonal [abscisic acid. The reason for diminish in seed germination of plant in the presence of high concentrations of heavy metal could be due to the accelerated breakdown of stored food materials in seed [21,6] and or be due changes of selection permeability properties of.

The effect of different hormone concentrations were highly significant (P≤) on mean height growth of T. tetraptera seedlings, seedlings collar diameter and number of leaves.

Different growth hormone concentration had no significant (P≥) effect on leaf dry weight, stem dry weight, root dry weight and total dry weight.

The analysis of the effect of various hormone concentrations against seed germination
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