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However, it is not that easy for these rivals to change there tickets agencies for internet distribution in short period. Increased competition leads to greater difficulties in demanding incentives from communities such as low fees Easyjet received at Luton Mayer, According to appendix 1, more immigration coming to UK gives easyjet more marketing opportunity.

Consequently, it is Star in the UK market.

The strategic analysis of EasyJet and Easy Group Essay Sample

Comparing with other large cinema chains like Warner village, UGC, Odeon and Showcase, easyCinema only has one cinema in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, which means the market share of easyCinema Strategy easyjet essay example very low.

According to Interactive media in retail group IMRGthe online shopping market has grown more than fold over the last four years. Corporate culture easyJet favours an informal company culture with a very flat management structure, fewer hierarchical levels and symbols within the business, which eliminates unnecessary and wasteful layers of management.

Developing new routes gives rise to more marketing opportunities. It is not only negative to financial condition but also to reputation.

The cost is pretty higher. Feasibility It is achievable as Easyjet has been the second biggest airline around Europe so that passengers may choose because of its good reputation Pender, L.

The unique way from internet to reach the target market built a distribution-based asset to easyJet. People maybe fail to choose easyjet up to this viewpoint. The company is launching new flights to Australia, Romania and Germany which have been travel spotlights with its low-cost tickets and frequent flights Easier, The company aims to cut more carbon emissions and add more seats in the planes so that improving quality of its service annualreport, The well-developed links between easyjet and its suppliers makes easyJet get the negotiated and competitive prices.

But there is a piece of bad news recently that easyjet needs to pay 1. With fast increase of Internet users, the demand for temporary Internet access will rise up.

Thus easyJet chose to fill in the offpeak periods by discounting. Thus, there will be more customers who would like to have a view of Romania during holidays. The much lower cost structure created a sustainable competitive advantage SCA compared with its competitors. Easyjet,Annual report and accounts[Online] http: The strategy meets Easyjet safety requirements to improve pilots training.

Therefore for customers at any places, there will be more choices. Safe flights Usage of new aircrafts not only allows the high utilization but helps to built up a reputation of a safe and in-expensive airline, therefore it has added value to its service.

The company can develop a route from Liverpool in summer vacation or winter vacation, Minimal threat from train and car on domestic routes Mayer, Implementation The route starts from UK airport such as Liverpool, Bristol, Stansted, it is necessary for Easyjet to make good deal with the airports.

Business Strategy for Easyjet

Most passengers wish to use this free offer on that day Easyjet, Obviously, in Europe, there is still a capacity and a market for growth and easyJet is in an ideal position to take advantage of that.

The company must be growing continually and has a promising future. It offers a cost-effective way for customers to call in and management information on incoming calls.

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Hence it is Question mark in other EU countries.Strategy position and selected strategy 8 Conclusion 11 Appendices 12 Reference 15 1. Introduction Easyjet Airline Company is a British airline headquartered at London Luton Airport which operating domestic and international scheduled services on routes between European, North African, and West Asian airports (Theairdb.

Strategy EasyJet has adopted its business model from Southwest Airlines from the United states. It is adapted to the European market trough further cost-cutting measures.

Business strategy indicates a set of techniques and conceptual frameworks of business through applying which a business organization aspires to achieve its long term objectives.

Business strategy is a part of strategic planning process, formulated by the top management of the. Success criteria for EasyJet’s cost-leadership strategy There are three apt criteria to test the effectiveness of a company’s strategic excellence.

These are suitability, acceptability and feasibility (Johnson et al, p). GLOBAL HOTEL INDUSTRY STRATEGY AND LOCATION DETERMINANTS The Porter’s Five Forces analysis and the assessment of the general environment of the Indian hotel industry suggest that opportunities clearly outweigh threats in.

The Internet provides the most cost-effective distribution channel. easyJet has aggressively pursued its strategy of encouraging passengers to book their seats online.

(Cranfield School of Management, ) The online booking system allows instant delivery of products, the tickets, sold by easyJet to its purchasers.

Strategy easyjet essay example
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