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10 little-known keyboard shortcuts for editing in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Shortcuts for Working with Slides 1. To see a full demo of this, check out our article on distraction free mode and new Office shortcuts. When you want to see all your Ribbon commands again, just hit this shortcut a second time. Shortcuts for inserting things into a presentation Duplicating slides and objects Same — Same But Different These two PowerPoint shortcuts both create duplicates slideshow powerpoint shortcut menu things in PowerPoint, but there is a strategic difference worth mentioning.

Typically you only need the ruler for adjusting your bullet point spacing, so having a quick way to turn it on and off is handy.

Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

It cuts down on the decisions they need to make, allowing them to focus on higher priority tasks. Font dialog box pro tip: To learn more and see examples, see our ultimate guide on how to group things in PowerPoint. They eliminate a bunch of micro-decisions and mental hoops your brain otherwise has to process to get a task done.

Let me quickly explain. This time, I cannot find anything. This is the first time I open this PP application to use it, so I do not know if it was working appropriately before. If you ever forget your shortcut, just hit F1.

Then there is the delivery of the presentation itself.

Use keyboard shortcuts to deliver PowerPoint presentations

For instance, say you are on slide 50, and your audience puts a question that requires you to jump to slide Doing so selects your chart like any other object, allowing you to use the Arrow keys to move it around on your slide.

Studies show that one of the main sources of modern stress and anxiety in the workplace is what researchers call Cognitive Load.

For help on this, see this article on fixing your page numbers. Decreasing your cognitive load. This also works on slides. Look for the underlined letters in the words within the dialog box, which you can activate by holding the ALT key and hitting those letters on your keyboard.

These List Level Shortcuts are extremely effective when filling in company templates as it properly uses the bullet spacing set on your Slide Master. Start Slideshow Done editing and ready to present?

PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Slide Shows

This guide covers over of them and will quickly move you up the curve! Start a presentation from the beginning To view the presentation in presenter view insimply hit F5. Ungroup SmartArt graphics, which breaks the graphic down into shapes, lines and text boxes.

On top of that, companies, bosses and clients want everything done yesterday. I do not know what else to try. Using ALL of the Outline View shortcuts To use all of the Outline View shortcuts, you need to be active in the Outline View from your keyboard… you cannot just select it with your mouse.Aug 13,  · For PowerPoint for Mac, the keyboard shortcut is the same; you don’t need to substitute CMD.

Zoom Press and hold the Ctrl key while using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out in the editor. Oct 29,  · Powerpoint Presentation Shortcut menu I am working with Powerpoint Presentation When I open the shortcut menus and click on the items that have a list arrow to them, the list window opens up behind the current PP window.

During your presentation, if you want to see the list of media shortcuts, press F1. Then, in the Slide Show Help dialog box, go to the Media tab. Press the arrow key on the keyboard to move from one tab of the dialog box to the next.

Action Shortcut Key; Switch between outline and thumbnail pane: Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Move to next placeholder (if on slide’s last placeholder, this inserts a new slide). Help during slide show (displays these and other keyboard shortcuts): [F1] Note: You can also right-click anywhere on the slide show screen for a shortcut menu with many of these same actions.

FYI-your audience will also see this shortcut menu. PowerPoint Shortcuts for Working with Menus.

Display the Shortcuts menu; Display the Slideshow Help shortcuts; Display the taskbar; PowerPoint Shortcuts for Working with Hyperlinks. Insert a hyperlink; Select a hyperlink; Open a hyperlink; PowerPoint Shortcuts for Changing the Font and Paragraph Settings.

Our 80 Favorite PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts


Slideshow powerpoint shortcut menu
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