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It is for this reason this research adopts the definition given by Pruthi Self-actualization Abraham Maslow 1 physiological needs food, water, shelter, etc. The expenditure of physical and mental effort in work is as natural as play or rest.

This introduces the progressive nature of PA, under the influence of the political system that called for reforms and professionalism. The concept of leadership and its connection to other concepts like decision-making, unity of command, authority, and hierarchy, are of interest to this research. Discussion Definition The field of public administration is wide and dynamic, and for this reason, this discussion limits itself to the ramifications Public administration mind map key concepts, theories, and practices on leadership.

Lastly, effective public administration is Public administration mind map learning experience of the shifts in social reality and the changing environmental conditions facing institution. Motivation-Hygiene Theory Frederick Herzberg, Bernard Mausner, Barbara Snyderman 1 achievement, 2 recognition, 3 work itself, 4 responsibility, and 5 advancement.

Public administration also entails the implementation capability of leadership where goal setting, planning, projection, programming, and management are part of the administration.

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As an art, the discipline emphasizes on practices instead of theory, as it is an activity Van Mart, These approaches show the historical revolution of the modern public administration under the influence of political, law, economics, and social ideologies of each period.

Freedom of association and participation by various groups in the process of Governance. The map identifies key corner stone of different definitions, historical developments, concepts, practices, theories and aspects of public administration.

Leadership -- planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, and budgeting. PA concepts decision-making, communication, public relations, supervision, coordination, unity of command, authority, leadership, Theoretical Perspectives: From these bases, public administration was an art that was under the influence of ideologies like that of Confucius Naidu, Leadership principles -- division of work, authority, discipline, unity of command, unity of direction, scalar chain, centralization, order, equity Public Administration Leadership - a formal structural arrangement where work is divided, defined, arranged, and coordinated.

The artistic, scientific, and philosophical dynamics of public administration are the results of the different approaches, which are a reflection of its practices, concerns, and concepts.

A person will exercise self-direction and self-control in the service of objectives to which he is committed. The map reveals that the definition of public administration is under the influence of government activity and historical context that began in the late 17th century with the rise of the modern state.

The definitions show that the discipline has historically being a reflection of activities of policies and programs of the government. The discipline is also wide as it finds application in different areas both in the private and public organizations, as its nature varies according to the setting of the organization Naidu, Lastly, the discipline is a philosophy since it is the integration of theories and ethics.

Avoidance of responsibility, lack of ambition, and emphasis on security are generally consequences of experience, not inherent human characteristics. Unique Identification Number mandatory for income tax filings, bank accounts etc. The discipline is a science since it has a set of principles applicable to different administrative environments.

PA Concerns a learning experience ; shared understanding of social complexities; implementation capability; policy sensitivity; promotion of publicness. Modern public administration also has its roots in the civil service model of the Roman Empire that made use of legal policies.

National e-Governance Plan to make all government services available to the citizens of India via electronic media. The capacity to exercise a relatively high degree of imagination, ingenuity, and creativity in the solution of organizational problems is widely, not narrowly, distributed in the population.

Citizen Charter represents the commitment of the Organisation towards quality, time frame of service delivery and accountability. The discussion will look at the concept of leadership in public administration in relation to theories, concepts, and practices.

The study identifies that public administration is evolving from the historical approaches under the current theories. The discipline is a science since its study is through various scientific methods as seen with the modern theories of comparative and behavioral methods Osborne, Every application of law is an act of administration" Pruthi, ; Van Mart, Selected PA Concept leadership, which is the ability to direct and organize human effort towards the achievement of specific objectives.

Simon Herbert finds that it, "is a meant, in common usage, the activities of the executive branches of the national, states, and local government" Naidu, The reformations led to the creation of a public administration that is efficient and businesslike.

The mind map identified that public administration is a varied and multi-disciplinary area that is continually evolving. Dynamism and Evolution of Public Administration The discipline is wide as it draws concepts and ideals from politics, social, philosophy and economic sciences.

On the other hand, the definition in use, in this research is from the modern approaches. Most people must be coerced or threatened with punishment to get them to put forth adequate effort.

The discipline concerns itself with sensitivity to policies by active role-play in policy formulation, implementation, and change Pruthi, The variance in the definition of the discipline is an indication of the dynamic and evolutionary nature.Public Administration Mind Map Draft Tara E.

Green Capella University MPA/Survey of Research and Practice in Public Administration Dr. Jean Hunt. Mind Map. Abstract One cannot begin to digest the dichotomy of public administration without first examining a theorist at the forefront of the field, Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson along with civil servants promoted civil service reform in This catapulted the field of public administration into scholastics. Woodrow Wilson stated that, “Our own politics. Excerpt from Research Paper: Public Administration Mind Map PA concepts decision-making, communication, public relations, supervision, coordination, unity of command, authority, leadership.

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The mind map on Public Administration is visually organized hierarchical information around a central topic to show comprehensive linkages among various dimensions of the topic. Here is mind map chart of the some of very important topics.

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