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Finale Part 2[ edit ] Original airdate: Project Runway season 9 The ninth premiered on July 28,featuring 20 designers. Project Runway season 16 The sixteenth season premiered on August 17, During taping, Bennett found out she was pregnant with her sixth child.

Following a nationwide search earlier in the year, 16 designers were chosen as semi-finalists and brought to New York City in June Four designers will have their dream of showing at New York Fashion Week, but only one designer will reach the ultimate goal of being crowned the next Project Runway Winner!

Finale Part 1[ edit ] Original airdate: Episode 14 Finale, Part 2 Fashion week is finally here and the designers rush to put the final touches on their collections.

This first episode was the first time that they repeated a challenge from a previous season: Jack Mackenroth left in Episode 5 and was replaced by Chris March, who had been the most recently eliminated designer.

Episode 8 Client on the Go The designers are tasked with creating an on-the-go look for friends and family of the Project Runway crew, but the good spirited challenge takes an ugly turn when accusations of cheating cloud the results of a contentious runway.

Anya also won the fan favorite award. Episode 3 A Leap of Innovation! November 2, The runway is converted into a Winter Wonderland as the designers are tasked with creating a winter-themed look that will decide who goes to NY Fashion Week and who gets left out in the cold.

Demi Lovato joins as guest judge. However, unlike the previous season, the last challenge does not have a bearing on this decision and any of the four remaining designers could be eliminated before fashion week.

Joe Faris and Stephen "Suede" Baumthe last two designers eliminated, and Jerell Scott, who was eliminated in the first part of the finale, showed decoy collections.

And some of our favorite Models also swing by! Dom Streater won the competition with her model Rayuana Aleyce. Jones placed third and Kimberly Goldson and her model Bojana Draskovic placed fourth.

Laura Bennett was the second eliminated for her collection of cocktail dresses and evening wear, though the judges praised her for how expensive her items looked. Project Runway season 7 The seventh season premiered on January 14,featuring 16 designers. Ashley Nell Tipton won the competition.

Andrea Katz and Kooan Kosuke both quit on Episode 3 due to personal reasons. For the first time, six people showed collections for Fashion Week. Films released the feature-length documentary "Eleven Minutes". Tim Gunn returns for his 15th season as a mentor. The winner was Erin Robertson.

The final 11 designers except Maya Luz all showed decoy collections. Five designers were chosen to prepare collections for Fashion Week, but only three were supposed to proceed on in the competition to show their collections at Fashion Week.

He was found to be in possession of prohibited pattern-making books and left the production site for several hours, during which time he used the internet. This was the second season overall and the second consecutive season where all three finalists were female.

However, this is an unconventional materials challenge and many of them stumble when forced to create a fashion forward look out of recyclable materials. The three finalists of the sixth season showed their collections at Bryant Park on February 20,but the finalists were not named and did not appear onstage that day.

The designers return to New York and present the judges with 2 pieces from their collection. Mondo Guerra also won the fan favorite award.

Project Runway

Alexandria von Bromssen, Justin LeBlanc and Helen Castillothe bottom 3 of the last challenge, had to show the three best pieces from their collections to the judges.

In the end, Jones won the competition with her model Millana Snow. The announcement occurred before NBC Universal sought preliminary injunctive action effectively enjoining production. For the first time in Project Runway history, only three contestants showed their collections at New York Fashion Week.Project Runway.

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‘Project Runway’ to Return to Bravo

You got it. Catch new episodes of Project Runway THURSDAYS only on Lifetime! Project Runway is a reality competition where fashion designers fight for their big break in the fashion industry.

Designers compete in weekly challenges, presenting their work on the runway. Project Runway Season 16 is the sixteenth season of the television show Project Runway, appearing on Lifetime.

The season began on Thursday, August 17, There are 16 designers competing to become "the next great American designer.". More Exciting News About the Return of Project Runway The Daily Dish. 2 months ago.

More Exciting News About the Return of Project Runway. by Jocelyn Vena. Dec 01,  · Watch video · And i hold my breathe when i saw dresses on the runway and a lot of the designers are very show is a lot more different than other competition shows on like American Idol are getting boring and Project Runway is a fresh breathe to the TV history/10(K).

The designers are tasked with creating an on-the-go look for friends and family of the Project Runway crew, but the good spirited challenge takes an ugly turn when accusations of cheating cloud the results of a contentious runway.

Project run way
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