Jetblue airlines summary of case

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However if JetBlue makes sure that they offer their product in an exclusive way the company will win customers.

Also all the safety procedures make travelers rather want to use another way of transportation, such as the car or train.

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Neelman instilled the culture of customer focus right fr Currently the baggage handling system works properly and their online reservation systems are also improved. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Mini-Mini Strategy How can you minimize your weaknesses and avoid threats? Threats When we evaluate the external factors that are influencing the company we also find several threats. For online presence they should have an IT department that focusses on that. The overall goal of the balance scorecard is to analyze the gathered data and compare it to the desired performance and strategic goals.

JetBlue uses a Hybrid Carrier model that gives the airline company a niche in the industry by allowing low cost to the customers without depriving them of a full service flight.

Entrepreneurial Stage David Neelman realized his vision of creating an airlines company that is focused on customer service by starting JetBlue. However, after the operations meltdown ofcustomers lost trust in the company.

Differentiate itself from other airline companies; there are a lot of airline companies and this causes intense competition.

They also provide services such as extended legroom and priority boarding to frequent flyer customers. JetBlue, which was also modeled on the lines of Southwest Airlines, managed to succeed in a depressed and highly competitive industry, because of its innovative approach to business and its efforts in becoming a cost leader by cutting down on unnecessary frills and wasteful expenses.

Currency changes Strengths When we look at the case JetBlue shows several strengths.

Jetblue Airlines' Success Story

In fact, it provided more amenities than other airlines, including personal television sets for every flyer and comfortable leather seats, creating a feeling of luxury. Other innovations that facilitated operations and made services more customer-friendly are the tickets and mileage statements that do not require paper anymore.

Lower the operating costs; whenever the law and regulations will be in favor of the airline industry the company can lower its operating costs and therefore also lower their prices. The case made clear that JetBlue is getting more and more interline agreements with other airline companies.

Weaknesses When analyzing the company internally we also see several weaknesses. With not having the strain of being merged with another airline company JetBlue has free ability to fly where they want at the cost they want.

How can we continue what we have started? Also in the case it became clear that JetBlue faced problems with mass cancellation. Mini-Maxi Strategy How can you use your opportunities to overcome the weaknesses you are experiencing?

JetBlue Case Study

The low cost fare is mixed with the feel of flying with a major airline. However, Jet Blue aims at renewing its fleet expansion in The company got high debts because of the rising fuel prices, and also because of the compensations that they gave their customers after making mistakes.

Airbus A planes are less expensive than a Boeing plane and they can hold more people. It has the best product.

The airplane industry should invest in have safer and easier systems to improve the safety of its travelers. Maxi-Maxi Strategy How can you use your strengths to take advantage of the opportunities? Starting From Scratch - Case Analysis Executive Summary JetBlue Airways, the latest entrant in the airlines industry has gone through the initial stages entrepreneurial and collectivity of the organizational life cycle rapidly under the successful leadership of David Neelman.

With the upper hand of having to deal with only one aircraft, it allows training costs to low and increase personnel utilization. In terms of the internal Business Perspective it becomes clear that Jet Blue has one of its major core competencies in quick turnarounds.

It is not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. The paperless cockpit, for instance, that has been explained in a paragraph above is one of the innovations that Jet Blue launched on the market.We will write a custom essay sample on JetBlue Case Analysis specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now The following graph is an evaluation of JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines based on financial information found on the companies’ income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. JetBlue implemented Case Analysis Strategic Management BMGMT JetBlue grew steadily between and pre-assigned seating and a selection of firstrun movies available from Fox InFlight on flights longer than two hours.

By December. the first JetBlue flights departed from New York to Fort Lauderdale. jetblue JetBlue Case Study JetBlue Financials JetBlue IPO Pricing JetBlue Strategic Management JetBlue JetBlue Jetblue Airlines Jetblue Airways Jetblue Airways: Starting From Scratch - Case Analysis Jetblue jetBlue Airlines jetblue Operations Management - Case Study - Punj Lloyd Limited Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service – Case.

JetBlue Airlines Strategic Management Case Analysis Introduction to the Company History of the Firm JetBlue was established inand was the third airline start-up for founder and CEO David Neeleman. Today, JetBlue consistently ranks among the top airlines in the US by its customers and continues to build upon their reputation for innovation.

Reach Out New York. Transcript of JetBlue Airways IPO Valuation. JetBlue Airways IPO Valuation Kevin Haber, Chase Boyle, Sean Crane back to air travel" Hired an impressive new management team David Barger, COO, former vice president of Continental Airlines John Owen, CFO, former executive vice president and treasurer of Southwest Airlines About JetBlue.

Jetblue airlines summary of case
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