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I am interested in the spirituality of the land and if any native spiritual leaders would like to share with me that would be great…. These pipeline projects will be stretching beyond borders carving through critical ecosystems and landscapes in the States.

The NWPA had mandated an extensive approval and consultation process before construction of any kind could take place in or around any water which could in principle be navigated by any kind of floating craft.

The river spirit tells me though, we are all the same stream. In the past The Park service has taken land from the farmers, forced them off their homes and claimed the land for the government. You are welcome to join us to be part of the inspiring solutions!

Nicole Wells followed this page Lock away your bankers and corporations corrupt. No more wars, no more armies, no more weapons, no more blood. I will bring my own food and toothbrush Christina Lee Countryman commented On December 17 a flash mob performed a round dance at the Cornwall Centre shopping mall in Regina.

Frank Brown, organizer of a B. C Placing key spokespeople and connecting with experienced experts in different areas; i.

Vision and goals[ edit ] The founders of Idle No More outlined the vision and goals of the movement in a January 10, press release as follows: It will take the best in all of us to create the best possible future for coming generations. These pipelines will stretch across borders and come into our own backyards here in the states.

It responds to the need to fulfill our responsibilities to the sacred system of life on Mother Earth. We have also conducted solidarity actions with our First Nations sisters and brothers at the Canadian Consulate, as well as organized actions at the many fossil fuel facilities in the area.

We are all together in this time of shifting from human practices that are destroying our ability to exist to the beautiful and sustainable future that so many are not only imagining, but making a reality in communities around the world. This land is a sacred jewel and the generations of people who are from here know how precious the land and the water is.

His statement announcing the meeting made no mention of Idle No More. Two thousand people filled the upper and lower levels of the mall for the minute dance of the flash mob.

It plans to accomplish these goals by: Numerous attempts to introduce bills have failed due to their low priority for past federal governments, eventually dying on the order paper without being debated or passed.

Also on this day, organizers started gathering people around the Vimy war memorial on the Saskatoon riverbank. Cobonnie McDarment commented C is a large omnibus bill implementing numerous measures, many of which activists claim weaken environmental protection laws.

Aloha, Paul Antoni Senczek commented It was estimated over people attended the march which started at the Native Education College.Idle No More - OFFICIAL has 52, members. TO Support and encourage grassroots to create their own forums to learn more about Indigenous rights and our.

Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water. It dates back just two months but the grassroots Idle No More movement to raise awareness of native issues has gained a serious following and significant media attention through rallies, teach-ins.

May 13,  · Sung for the first time by the newly formed Ulali Project this INM song is dedicated to the founding women of this powerful grassroots movement.

It was perfo.

The latest Tweets from Idle No More (@IdleNoMore4). A grassroots advocacy group, opposing unilateral & colonial legislation & supporting empowerment. *OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCT @IdleNoMore4 * #idlenomore.

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Idle no more
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