How to write a loki fanfiction funny

Disney exists in this universe? Everyone on the team has slept with, is sleeping with, or will be sleeping with their co-workers at some point: If Harry is hooked up with Hermione, then she will be the one to worry about them going Dark.

Ginny is a crazed, obsessed fangirl. Yeah, multiply that bad stuff in a fic by about ten. No matter the rating, you only write a sex scene that amounts to " Suffer crippling amnesia regarding the number of eyes orbs your characters have.

There must be a minimum of two hilariously poorly written threesomes in every fic you write. So I thought that since we have writers from so many fandoms here, why not make a list for all of them?

And nobody is purely straight. And many, many others. The list included such gems as: Oh, and always write huge mountains of text about characters looking into the eyes orbs of other characters.

He will also somehow be both a blushing virgin and a sex god. Do not, under any circumstances, admit it if you like your own writing. Reid will also be de-aged, shipped with maps, get pregnant, and get involved in other various weird situations of that sort.

Ensure the plot has absolutely no consistency whatsoever. Harry may be a magic god, but he still needs Hermione to explain the simplest things to him. They were basically cliches were in common use at the time, and we all had fun making it.

Apologize to your readers. Videl is mostly a jerk sort of tsundere type from time to time. Gohan is always the perfect boy scout. The only one that genuinely annoys me is the "dumping on the significant others" aspect.

Roll dice to decide how many eyes orbs the character has every time it comes up.

You Belong With Me {Loki Fanfiction} Book 1

Make sure they contain massive spoilers, barely coherent thoughts and bonus points are awarded for nesting ANs within other ANs, stacking them like hellish matryoshka dolls. Be sure to use every kind Highlight where the story has gone totally off the rails.

Vegeta and Bulma always have a very hot private life. Also, his dad will be physically abusive. Ask the readers to vote on something arbitrary as a thinly-veiled kind of review extortion.

Harry is capable of incredibly complex magic, but something as simple as a shoe tying charm needs a girlfriend or Hermione to remind him of it. Corvo is endlessly patient and understanding toward Daud and the other fan favorites, but tends to murder people a lot.

This is mostly overlooked by the rest of the cast because Corvo is nice to them, or because whenever he murders someone they agree with it. Use Author Notes in place of commas.Tags.

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Loki (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s) Loki (Marvel) Original Female Character(s) Original Female Character(s) of Color.


Loki is a treasure to the king, bound to serve it's people and world he was born in. He shall live his days under the gray skies of Jotunheim. That is until Odin needs a more solid union with the Jotuns and an arrange marriage for the future is the perfect solution.

Meanwhile, Loki will live in asgard exploring and preparing for his duty as a. Browse through and read thousands of loki fanfiction stories and books.

Loki has been exiled from Asgard by Odin against Thor's wishes and is found by Makall after crash landing in the middle of nowhere. All after a year of, what Loki considered, imprisonment within the walls of Reviews: K.

Silenced (A Loki fanfiction)

Rules for Writing Fanfiction - The Funny Version (mi-centre.comtion) Loki has crippling daddy issues/Odin was neglectful. Write a Betty x Jughead fic, but ensure that Jughead is more evil and badass than in the TV show. Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones. This recent crush has made me start reading a bunch of Thor and Avengers FanFiction, and thanks to the awesome stories "The 30 Excuses of Loki" by Kaitaru Seras Viktoria Hatake and "Loki Drabbles" by Fishing Four Finnick, I've been inspired to write my own story about Loki.

How to write a loki fanfiction funny
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