Hobsons choice summary essay

She quickly corrects Albert when he asks where she got the capital from to start the shop. Maggie makes Albert push the hand-cart to Oldfield Road. Maggie is increasingly keen to push Willie forward, to defer to him as the master of the house.

Maggie the oldest and hardest working daughter, also the one least likely to marry, sees a chance, she marries Will and with a loan of pounds from Mrs. The play was adapted for filming several times: After a brief word with Willie, when she gives him the chance of backing out if he really does not want to marry her, they all leave for the wedding.

While Hobson drinks with his fellow Masons at a nearby pub, he forces his three daughters: Maggie again has the last word in the scene. She makes the pretence of not knowing what he has come and about and when he tells her that he is in trouble, she proposes leaving the room to let him discuss his problem with her husband.

Willie makes a toast and has obviously been carefully coached by Maggie. This was to prevent the best horses from always being chosen, which would have caused those horses to become overused. Finally Maggie agrees to take care of him, so long as he gives his business to her and Will Mossop and Hobson is only a silent partner.

The play has also been turned into a ballet. Maggie is determined to see Willie treated with respect. At any time during the play he could choose a different course of action and thereby repaired the relationship he has with his daughters.

Hobson's choice

This play acting is to establish the position that there are no secrets from Willie and that he is now part of the family. Origins[ edit ] According to a plaque underneath a painting of Hobson donated to Cambridge GuildhallHobson had an extensive stable of some 40 horses.

In turn, each refuses. This gave the appearance to his customers that, upon entry, they would have their choice of mounts, when in fact there was only one: But, in that case, all that has been done in the modern world to relax the chain on the minds of women, has been a mistake.

Now alone, with his shop failing, Hobson drinks even more. One day, a wealthy patron of the shop demands to know who made her shoes. Maggie, Alice and Vickey, to work at the shop for no pay. Hepworth and her loan to Maggie. Albert Prosser, a lawyer, and Freddy Beenstock, the son of a successful business man, both defer to her and do as she tells them.

He tries to delay Freddy and Albert but they are having none of it. She refers to him as the master of the house and asks Will if she is to let her father come in.

Hobson required his customers to choose the horse in the stall closest to the door. Plot Summary Henry Hobson is a widower, who owns a prosperous shoemaking shop in Salton, a suburb of Manchester England.

Hobson treats Mossop badly and hardly pays him at all. They should have never been allowed to receive a literary education.

Hobson’s Choice Summary Essay

Hepworth sets up a rival shop, depriving Hobson of much of his business. This is also why she insists Willie calls Hobson, father. They are back at Oldfield Road, celebrating with their guests. When Albert and Freddy laugh, she makes them help Willie with the washing up.

The only rockets available are back to Earth where he is not welcome or on to Venus. She is referring to Willie in the way that the expected customs of the time dictated.

Willie is obviously nervous about being left alone with Maggie on his wedding night. While on a space station orbiting Earth, Don needs to get to Mars, where his parents are.Harold Brighouse's "Hobson's Choice" Essay At the end of the play he was ambitious, married and the joint owner of Hobsons shop.

The audience sympathises with Willie the first time he appears on stage because he ‘only comes half way up the trap door’. This is because of his social standing and he feels that he is not worthy to speak to. We will write a custom essay sample on Hobson’s Choice Summary specifically for you.

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- A Shift in the Balance of Power Between the Generations and the Sexes Throughout Hobsons Choice The stereotypical view of that period was that men had more power compared to women.

HOBSON choice

Whether it was a father or a husband they had a more powerful status. - This essay compares two stories one twentieth century A Chip in the Sugar. Hobson’s Choice Summary Essay. Albert Prosser brings Maggie the action for trespass against Hobson.

Maggie knows her father’s strong feelings about lawyers and intends to use the situation for her own ends. · Choice -“Hobson choice” the title suggests that Hobson was actually left with no choice. Willie didn’t really have a choice in marrying Maggie · Equality - Hobson has no care in his daughters and discourages what they wear and act.

Also he gets angry when. A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one thing is offered. Because a person may refuse to accept what is offered, the two options are taking it or taking nothing. In other words, one may "take it or leave it".

Hobsons choice summary essay
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