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This was in the face of criticism by many political figures in discrediting the Hijab but it illustrated that far from being a tool of oppression it is a tool of liberation.

When they put on the Hijab, they are viewed less like sex objects and more like normal people. Men and women alike pray. You will see women and men alike Hijab essay during Ramadan. This modesty, piety and morality are prevalent in society where Muslim men and women are allowed to wear the Hijab and to follow their way of life.

This is a way for them to keep their own religion and culture and to enrich it, and for that we have to commend them. The local children would put on beautiful shows in their national dress, dancing traditional dances and you could see the pride in their eyes.

Many people feel negatively about this tradition, especially people from the Western world. Outrageous headlines about Muslim men of 60 marrying girls of 8 have been circulation through the newspapers for the past few years.

A Hijab essay part of Middle Eastern culture is religion and both men and women are religious and conservative. Many muslim women choose to simply dress conservatively.

By wearing the Hijab, these women are seen as conservative members in society, not as sex objects. On a final note, I do hope this article helped you understand why some women choose to wear the Hijab.

The first thing we must understand is the concept of Hijab. I began to understand why they feel the way that they do, and I decided to write this to help you understand. So, before I go on talking about it, I will explain what it is.

This reduces the possibility of any bad thoughts towards an individual which is a sin and the first step towards bigger sins. This does not solely refer to clothing and does not exclusively address women.

This is the case for both genders. But are we right in thinking so? You will notice that a lot of the laws in the Middle East are based around Islam. I think that if that was the reason why women wanted to wear the Hijab, then we have no right to say anything against it.

Religion, in many places, has become outdated.

The Hijab Essay

The clothes should not be transparent or tight which reveals the shape of the body. Islam is taught in schools to all muslim children.

Many of them just want to be seen for who they are and not for what they look like. Apart from this though, women also wear the Hijab because they are very faithful.

But as time moved on, I began to understand their culture and their reasons. But to those people, it is there and no one can say anything against their religion.

Once again, women have to obey their husbands or fathers and wear it whether they like it or not. The Islamic dress code consists of wearing clothing which fits the following criteria.

They wake up early in the morning for morning prayer and proceed to pray five times a day. You will often see women dressed in conservative clothes even if they chose not to wear the Hijab.

This idea is based on misconceptions which in effect hides and distorts the truth behind the veil! You see, I live in Dubai. Is it a bad thing to respect and love your culture?

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The Hijab is a head scarf worn by muslim girls. Women are not the only ones that wear the traditional dress. The minimum extent for men is from the naval to knees.

From their point of view, the Hijab is something women are forced to wear by their controlling husbands and fathers. Religion is a touchy subject in the Middle East, that is best left alone in most cases.Faith and the Hijab Essay examples Words | 7 Pages.

coverings? Finally what objections are there against women wearing the head coverings? Why Hijab and the Origins The word hijab translates into to hide or to conceal. It is a head covering, usually a scarf, that covers the hair and the bosom and at most times leaves the face exposed.

The Hijab is just there to top it all. Once again, women have to obey their husbands or fathers and wear it whether they like it or not. But are we right in thinking so? Is the hijab really one more restricting rule in the Middle East, that is just there to oppress the women. Essay Competition This hijab competition has now ended.

If you have not received your prize please contact us via the contact us page on. Hijab in Islam is compulsory and is required for all women after the age of puberty. It is a scarf or head gear that is a symbol of Islam but is also a symbol, to Muslim women, of independence, respect and freedom to live in any society.

Jul 26,  · For several reasons, Muslim women around the world wear the headscarf, or hijab. One reason is to fulfill a religious obligation. This isn’t oppressive or demeaning for Muslim women but rather is an honor and a constant reminder of who we are.

I Wear the Hijab. So? Read all the way to the last line. Yup. HijabRevival. Lots of beautiful pictures. Do You Shower in That? From a teenager’s perspective and the title alone makes it worth the read. Its a Hijab, Not a Halo. A good read about learning to wear the scarf and the social burdens that come with it.

Hijab essay
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