Extended definition essay on power

Motive power enables each man to wait patiently so long as he kept his eyes on the distant goal. Motivation is the fire that fuels ambition. The intensity with which remote good is pursued decides for every man how much wills he has.

He knows what to do, and does it.

It creates courage, and steels the character. In a real man, there is no doubt as to his ability in this respect. The other half is this; that he had a mighty motive.

Nothing is so frustrating as to feel futureless in career. Failure to take action is due to a lack of courage physical, mental or moral. A strong- willed individual has been defined as one who works tenaciously for a remote good, while the weak-willed individual is continually turned aside by some momentary desire.

Why can a leader like Mahatma Gandhi hold on a policy through thick and thin, bearing terrible disappointments, enduring suffering and yet displaying unfailing perseverance?

Or elsewhere, if the spirit of action descends on you, you do something more than pull at your chains, you break them! Clerk Maxwell has stated the fact in these words; what is done by what I call myself is, I feel, done by something greater than myself in me.

There are many misconceptions about the nature of will power. The will is no exception, and the mystery is due, as in the case of other faculties, to it association with the- unconscious.

To say that he is of strong will is to give half the reason. He can give himself time to form resolves, and to begin a line of action, but his conduct is never marked by indecision.

Short essay on the concept of will power Atul Joshi Advertisements: The moral type is evident in those who will face death for a principle, like Socrates who drank a cup of hemlock. This is royal road to freedom and expression of personality. However, we are always faced with something mysterious, whenever we attempt to fathom a mental faculty.

The past is dead.

Shackleton felt a "Presence" additional to his own in the Antarctic; and Wildon, tackling the terrible dangers of Mount Everest, wrote in his Diary; "Strange, but I feel there is somebody with me.

If the ambition is to represent a constituency, and become an M. It is death dealing. If so, you were realizing the mystery of the human will.

Adventures, in moments of supreme difficulty, have had similar experiences. This is the real secret of will power. Absurd, in all reality, it is accepted by many as a psychological gospel.Power: A Deciding Factor in History Essay - In the dictionary power is defined in many ways there is no set defined statement what power is or is supposed to be.

Power can make or break a person or even a nation. Extended Definition Essay Overview and Purpose. Are you interested in helping your students become deeper thinkers who feel empowered to ask and ponder big, contemplative questions about the world around them?

One genre you might consider introducing them to is the extended definition essay.

Short essay on the concept of will power

Short essay on the concept of will power. The past is dead. It is death dealing. The present matters. From College Writing Skills with Readings by John Langan When you write a definition essay • your main purpose is to explain to your readers your understanding of a key term or concept • your secondary purpose is to persuade them that your definition is a.

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Extended definition essay on power
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