English proficiency research paper

There is no significant difference in performance of students who failed English language and those who passed in technical subject 3. Students who have so much difficulties with their communication skill in English language may not function effectively, not only in English language but in their academic and this is no reason than the fact that English language in Nigeria today is the language of text-books and the language of instruction in schools.

The mind set is that the individual is trained to be self reliant, and well productive. Technical education group who failed English language 5. Permission was sought from the heads of various concerned departments in the College to collect student scores in science and technical courses from the College examination units.

Science education group who failed English language 3. Nevertheless, where the proficiency in English is lacking in any academic setting, it will definitely lower the academic performance of such students. Though this study was limited to the students of a English proficiency research paper course, it is hoped that the findings will help other EFL and English for Academic Purposes EAP instructors apprehend the crux of the issue and devise effective strategies to overcome the above-mentioned challenge.

For easy analysis the data was divided into five groups which are: Students trained in both science and technical education programme require English language to properly understand the contents of the programme, which in turn will improve the academic understanding of the student.

The 12 views technical education to be further understood as a an integral part of general education, b a means of preparing for occupational fields and for effective participation in the world of work; c an aspect of lifelong learning and a preparation for responsible citizenship; d an instrument for promoting environmentally sound sustainable development; e a method of alleviating poverty.

The paper reports on the details of the research-based assignment and the measures used by the author to support students in integrating sources in the report.

Science education is the study of biology, chemistry or physics in conjunction with the principle and method of education to be able to share scientific processes and content with those who are not traditionally in scientific community 4.

It was observed that the students found integration of academic sources as the most problematic requirements and features of the assignment. To this effect, good language competence in English language may be a positive predictive validity variable on the performance of students on intelligence test.

Technical Education is an aspect of education, which leads to the acquisition of practical, basic scientific knowledge which involves special manipulative skills, creative minds, and attitudes relating to occupations in various sectors of the economic and social life 1219 Science education group who passed English language 4.

Specifically, the following research questions will guide the study: Technical education group who passed English language With the exception of group 1 that has 60 students; all other groups contains 15 students each in the group.

Thus, language inefficiency invariably leads to poor academic performance 8 However, this cannot be achieved without properly understanding the language of communication and instruction in school. Therefore, this study investigates the challenges faced by students in citing academic sources while composing research based reports and, by the same token, the reasons behind them.

English Language Proficiency

No wonder why 6 firmly stated that if under sentimental urge, we give up English; we will cut ourselves off from knowledge. Licencing Abstract This is a descriptive research of a correlation type where students were sampled from a college of education to find out the relationship between proficiency in English language and academic performance among students of science and technical education.

Correlation between English language and Science Download as.Students’ Proficiency in English Language Relationship with Academic Performance in Science and Technical Education. American Journal of Educational Research, 1 (9), Chicago Style.

that English proficiency is indirectly associated with academic performance of international students through its impact on other factors in the socio-cultural and psychological dimensions. Research on factors affecting the international students' academic success in foreign institutions.

View English Language Proficiency Research Papers on mi-centre.com for free. Abstract—Using the descriptive-correlational research design, this study aimed to determine the relationship between the English language proficiency and academic performance in Science, Mathematics and English of the Grade 8 students of.

With this, a research is conducted on the performance of the verbal communication of 4th year Education students in Saint Joseph Institute of Technology to determine the improvement in English language proficiency as the effect of enrolling in JEEP Classes.

The general purpose of this research is to find out the influence of General English proficiency on students’ academic performance in vocational education courses.

The study will specifically find out.

English proficiency research paper
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