Can we have happiness without sadness

First, pain signals that something is not right with our physical bodies or emotional standing. That could work too. Without the struggle, the extent of their happiness could not be measured. Unfortunately, they remain victims for the rest of their lives and forfeit any hope of intense happiness.

Couples often compare their current happiness to the hard times they experienced earlier in their relationships. Likewise, attitude serves as the salve that protects people from the damaging effects of emotional pain. Sunrises are more intense after a month of gloomy skies. Walls prevent emotional pain but they also keep out people who bear gifts of happiness.

While none of these people are necessarily wrong, there is one overriding element that is criminally overlooked in these philosophical talks, and that is the powerful influence of sadness. Without the potential for open-ended intimacy, relationships wither, become stagnant, and eventually die. Only the people who fear getting hurt again build walls.

Couples form closer relationships when they struggle and survive trying times. People protect themselves from the damaging effects of the sun with sun screen. The greater degree of sadness, the greater degree of happiness. People cannot get hurt if they prevent others from entering their emotional space.

While no one welcomes these kinds of disparaging encounters, the act of coping with and overcoming such adversity is something that defines us as individuals and that leads us on the path toward a greater sense of self- worth. This usually comes to pass whenever a crucial midterm or final exam is around the corner and we are forced to retreat into a state of being that is defined by nothing but stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

Or, you could try the vanilla ice cream option. Shared experiences, especially traumatic experiences, create strong personal bonds. Experiencing emotional pain, no matter how severe, intensifies happiness. This is mostly because these negative qualities are an unavoidable part of our natural existence.

Happiness is not a stand-alone feeling. Physical pain alerts people to seek medical attention.

Can we have happiness without the sadness to compare it to?

Emotional pain warns people that their emotional life is askew. Without sadness, happiness has no meaning.

Philosophical sh*t-Can we have happiness without sadness?

The sun still rises Assuredly as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, pain will always be a part of life. The purpose of pain Pain serves several purposes.

For more information on how to build and maintain human relationships, refer to The Like Switch: While this period is almost unbearable at times, the pure awfulness of remembering meaningless dates, facts, and names in a dusty library is enough to convince anyone to buckle down and approach the upcoming test seriously, knowing that there is a sunny, library-free world waiting for you on the other side.

Pain not only directs people to the source of the infliction but the intensity of the pain can also measure the severity of the physical or emotional injury. Support groups are effective because group members share a common experience and, therefore, can empathize with one another. They do not experience extreme happiness nor do they experience extreme sadness.

No matter who you are or where you come from, you are most certainly going to encounter adversity in your lifetime that leads to sadness and heartbreak. Achieving the high heights of happiness is far more satisfying than feeling little or no emotion hiding behind an emotional wall or living life in the middle zone.May 14,  · Do you agree, without sadness you can't feel happiness?

So how is it possible that we can be purely happy in heaven if we can't feel anything that is painful? Update: Now, in order to know what they are, you have to see or experience some of them just to sort them Resolved.

Can we say that you can’t have one without the other? Do we need to go through sadness in order to appreciate and understand happiness? People often ask what really in life brings about true and everlasting happiness.

No one but yourself can determine exactly which point on that spectrum your perception of 'happiness' becomes 'sadness'. We all have the power within us to swing the pendulum in either direction.

Can we have happiness without sadness? "You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness." Happiness and sadness depend on each other, similar to a line of dominoes, waiting on one to fall so it can trigger the next. Happiness or sadness is a choice. If we are satisfied and learn to accept what happens with us, then we tend to be happier.

Only a cherophobic would think that we cant have happiness without sadness.

Can you have happiness without sadness?

It completely depends on the person if he/she can live only with happiness or would have swings in their lives. A person wishes to mix coffee worth $9 per lb with coffee worth $3 per lb to get 60 lb of a mixture worth $5 per lb.

How many pounds of the $9 and the $3 coffees will be needed?

Can we have happiness without sadness
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