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The parody made our characters clear, and made bringing the issue into our piece simple The most effective aspects were the physical theatre we employed, because it defined our characters for us, and allowed the sarcastic tone of the piece to have full effect.

Thus the process is open-ended and very flexible. For example in the hairdressers, when they were the girls, they had their legs crossed and their hands in the position of reading a newspaper.

Brechtian Performance- Second Reflection

However, they also mentioned our disorganisation for certain scenes. The performance was heavily stylized, with heavy emphasis on physical theatre, multi rolling and caricatures. With montage, we had a slow motion scence in which we were chasing the robber, but we broke it to re-introduce the obvious humour, and used that as a transistion back into naturalistic.

Also note how the comedy in the play contrasts heavily with the darkness and the seriousness of the monologues. The play was written and directed by John Brechtian performance evaluation essay. The process is subjective and, in consequence, it is difficult to compare and contrast the results of individuals or to draw any broad conclusions about organizational needs.

Advantages The essay method is far less structured and confining than the rating scale method. Our physical theatre and stereotypical characters worked well because they were so well planned and easy to follow.

The appraiser is not locked into an appraisal system the limits expression or assumes that employee traits can be neatly dissected and scaled. This performance was a re-The seating arrangements of The Wycombe Swan The seating arrangements of The Wycombe Swan write of the original play, with updated music and current themes and references.

The significant difference is that Judd is not as smart or wise as Eric.

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We created our piece of Epic Theater, focused on the issue of gay marriage, using a number of brechtian techniques. Appraisers often find the essay technique more demanding than methods such as rating scales.

We tried to break the fourth wall in the last scene, when Hamzah was communicating with the audience, telling them about gay marriages and rights. We firstly presented our idea as a parody of the well known story — the Three Musketeers, however we named out the Three MuskeQueers.

Personally I did not feel the play educated me in any way on the issues of life and society as I was mainly concentrating on the comedic side to the story.

Brechtian Performance – Evaluation Essay Sample

Many Brechtian techniques were explored to create an Epic Theatre. I do believe, however, we were able to deliver the general message of homosexuality in our piece, and we conveyed our thoughts about gay marriage. I agreed with their comments and although we thought the play was just good enough, I believe it could be better if we used a few other techniques; montage and design.

I think the use of the two barrels, in a number of ways was very effective, for example in the barbers they were used as seats.View Notes - Performance Evaluation Essay In the given example, the company’s current evaluation form is inadequate and does not provide a complete picture of employee’s performance.

The current evaluation method only focuses on personal characteristics of the employee being evaluated. Another problem with the current method is that only the plant manager evaluates the employee, without.

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Other Brechtian techniques we used were scene cross cutting, gestus and greeze frames and we also had a narrator who introduced our play.

Performance Evaluation essay

We will write a custom essay sample on Brechtian Performance- Second Reflection specifically for you. Appraisal Methods Essay Method In the essay method approach, the appraiser prepares a written statement about the employee being appraised.

The statement usually concentrates on describing specific strengths and weaknesses in job performance. It also suggests courses of action to remedy the identified problem areas.

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The above preview is unformatted text. This student Evaluation of a live theatre performance.

Brechtian performance evaluation essay
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