A comparison on the contrast between the peaceful city of london and city of paris

I certainly did anyway. Lets not even get started on Financial Status. Ever thought of learning the language? Lina wrote on August 3 kudos Paris wins, and this is coming from a North London girl. London offers both a traditional and modern atmosphere with the London Eye right next to the Houses of Parliament big ben.

I think London is a mix of beautiful architecture and has deferent cultures and is the leading financial centre in the world. English people are friendlier in comparison to the French. There were no attractions outside zone Joe wrote on April 5 kudos London, being 4 times bigger than Paris, obviously has so much more to offer the visitor.

Afuah of South Africa wrote on July Paris is the most beautiful city in the World and London ranks number 10 only. I think it goes without saying that we Brits use the pound whereas our continental cousins use the Euro.

Paris is full of Parisians, in all of its 20 Arrs, so you meet normal people who live in Paris and go to their butcher and their cheese guy and all those amazing things. Paris girls do not walk around with juicy couture, ugg boots, orange tans, pushing babies around. Paris is mega city also so it is not small.

Also, the walk between lines within each station is a long trek- wear those comfy trainers! Paris wins In every way, shape or form. With Over One Third of Londoners born abroad, and just over half being what could be classed as "ethnic" or at least "partly ethnic".

Nic wrote on January Since when is London bigger? Paris is the most beautiful city in the world Thanks for making such sweeping generalizations, but then again, after hearing about how impolite parisians are, and experiencing it first hand on here ALONE, maybe that is right!

If i could go to Paris or London tomorrow for tourism i would choose Paris. I already knew English and Spanish when I went to Paris, so that could have helped, but I could have a basic conversation in French after a week. I swear there are 5 different shades of pink?!

These are two of the worlds most important centers. Churches in London are predominantly Church of England as Henry viii created the CofE when the pope refused to annul one of his eight marriages.

Dubai City vs Paris: 43 facts in comparison

This twin city area must surely be nr 1 in the world!! Chloe Bardot wrote on October Gemma, London has full of art stolen from other countries.

Paris and London similarities? - Paris Forum

There are places you can go to, plenty of them, where the scenery is gorgeous, so don;t you tell me that London is ugly, if anything that attitude you have is ugly. See you all at the London Olympics in I know that pickpocketing happens everywhere, but I have never been approached in London.

Gemma wrote on October 10 kudos Gosh the arrogance of some people on here astounds me. And they are friendly people.

London vs. Paris

Lina wrote on August 2 kudos Yes, but Paris has more blacks and arabs than London, making it more diverse. We have the Queen, Kate, Wills etc. I am a London born Ghanian. Bella wrote on May kudos Your right in some ways.

Even Rome or New York is beautiful than london But it genuinely did annoy me. When this is said. Here are my top differences between London and Paris!

Compared to New york, London is around times expensive. Another note on alcohol!Apr 12,  · Re: Paris and London similarities?

Apr 12,PM Please consider doing Paris if you can, although I am from the UK and am used to London, I would say that the two cities really are worlds apart, you do get all the attractions the same but Paris just feels different. How do you compare Istanbul as European city with London and Paris?

Which of these cities is the best to live in: New York, London, Paris or Mumbai?

London vs Paris: 59 facts in comparison

How is a village city better than a town city? compare and contrast. log in × scroll to top. Home; A Comparison on the Contrast Between the Peaceful City of London and City of Paris PAGES 2.

WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: paris, london, a tale of cities, lucie mannette. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. There are mountains at a distance of maximum kilometers (62 miles) from the city. Mountains are considered to have an elevation of at least 1, m (3, ft).

Source: Wikipedia, ; city's official /5(11). Flights from Paris Orly (ORY) to London City (LCY), cheap non-stop flights and low-cost flight offers for the route Paris Orly (ORY) London City (LCY) starting at £ (price correct on 05/08/18). Book cheap direct flight tickets online. London and Paris are designed in COMPLETELY different ways.

London is a city whose center is a financial, social, cultural and economic hub but no one live in the center, everyone goes back to the suburbs (zones ) and more to live. The suburbs are nice, but they don't have that urban feel to them.

A comparison on the contrast between the peaceful city of london and city of paris
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